Akela Hudson-Miller

As a way to brighten the world around her, Akela, creator of akela designs home & healing  at a young age began to explore design as a way to comfort and aid. Through her own personal experiences, abilities, and interests she crafted a company that focuses on intentional handmade home goods. And through her journey, she has gained a deep wisdom for healing that she wants to share.

Akela has an art background but earned most of her experience while working as a restaurant server for almost a decade where she connected with people on many levels. Her open heart and positive spirit are what lead her to want a business of her own where she could inspire and support others on their journies in life. She then pursued massage therapy as a way to directly help others. In which she was introduced to Reiki energy healing, a tool she used for her own.

Soon after she decided to break away from the service industry and work with her hands once more. This time she worked on commercial signage while planning a budget DIY wedding to the love her life. Creating was now part of her life again. After taking a leap of faith she then followed her heart towards healing and design. With the help of her handy husband, she now creates approachable products for home and life as well as tools for healing. She believes that we all hold the key to our paths and she intends on giving the world the beautiful tools to make it happen.