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Navigating Divisive Times through Love

It doesn't matter where you look, there is turbulent change happening everywhere. This is not meant to scare you into believing all hope is lost or to share an option on one matter or another. I say this because change is always occurring and because society operates at an even faster rate, more than ever before, leaving us drained. We've lost our moral compass and moved into a state of anger and defensiveness on all fronts. We've become disappointed in one another. We've placed blame on other groups, described separately from humankind. We've made change only through radical and extreme action only to please the Ego and it has left us numb. We are searching for Humanity when in fact we should be looking within ourselves.

So what does a Designer/Stylist blog have anything to do with this topic? The answer is simple, it is all connected. To me having a space to feel grounded and safe allows for you to recharge and refresh your mind, body, and spirit for the world around you. It all begins with you

We are bombarded with an alarming rate of news, posts, tweets, and comments from the moment we wake up to the last blink before bed. Which is no wonder why we are so fearful, angry and defensive. Add in daily life which is filled with our very own drama including work, children, stress, relationships, money and health you are left with an overwhelming load we weren't meant to carry.

So what can you do? Where do you begin? It begins with yourself. It begins by connecting to that element within yourself that is pure love. Find it within yourself and you can find it in the world and especially other people. We are forgetting that humans and human connection are outside of political parties, race, ideologies, religion or sexual orientation. We are forgetting the element of oneness. We've decided to separate and organize ourselves so we could feel less empathy for the other side, therefore, losing a sense of likeness, which ultimately eliminates equality or respect for one another. We've made great progress battled by great regression. 

Because we've grouped ourselves into safe areas of commonality we've grown more divisive towards one another, especially our friends, family, and neighbors. The pain we've caused as a collective is unnatural to say the least and destructive towards a whole species. In any group or direction you go, all you find is extreme behavior claiming rights to be the only one in need. We are no longer listening to what anyone has to say and it is causing severe damage. 

I personally feel as though this is part of life, the constant growth, and change within evolution. But something seems different. It is as though there is a shift of consciousness, a tilt in the last couple thousand years, a change in thinking. There is a clash, and I am not going to get caught up in describing all of the issues of the modern day but the clash is and will always be between Fear and Love

It is both simple and complex, definitely a paradox. Everyone thinks change happens suddenly, but it takes time, it takes patience and it takes the smallest actions to produce the largest effects. It begins with you and your life, your loved ones, your community, your world to create lasting change. It's shifting your life to do positive feats every day to affect the world around you. 

I encourage those who can and feel compelled to take up larger platforms of positive and peaceful change but I also encourage us to focus on the direct interactions with those around you including yourself. I ask you to find empathy towards those different from yourself even if they anger you. I ask you to do what is of the highest and greatest good for yourself and for others. I ask you to share with the world the purest and truest thoughts, ideas, and creations. I ask you not to ignore what is happening with earmuffs and blocked eyes but to be aware without losing your footing. But what I ask most is that you stop and listen, to everyone's story. I want you to hear the oneness, the common thread, the humanness of their voice. Understand that we must operate at the same level in order to survive and move past the fear. Move into a place of Love and Openness so we may begin to restore our home together. 

With Much Love,



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