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My Hormone Balancing Morning Routine

I wanted to share with you guys, my morning routine with hopes that it might spark an interest about your own hormonal health and daily mindful practice. Let's dive in, shall we?

Over the years I've struggled with my body, just like millions of other women: from allergic reactions to weight gain, I've gone through some major changes. What began as a quest to heal my chronic back, shoulder and neck pain turned into something deeper beneath the surface. While my wellness journey began a long time ago, I didn't start to become aware of approaching my health in a holistic (the idea that the parts are connected as a whole) manner until I was enrolled a 250-hour massage therapy course. There I learned much more than anatomy but one of the important lessons I learned the role that scent has to the body (as a distraction or as a tool)  and the significance the skin plays in absorbing the world around us. This lead me to alter what I was putting on my body not just what I was putting in it, I switch to a natural deodorant, give up perfumes and body sprays and other heavily scented applications and I also gave up cigarettes. From several years of working in the fast-paced restaurant industry, I learned to survive off of coffee and cigarettes, a dangerous combination to disrupt my energy and hormones.

Fast forward several years and I developed a coconut sensitivity, my face was in a constant rash and my hormones were a mess. I finally stopped drinking coffee (which was harder than quitting cigarettes, or at least it felt like it) and my body seemed to improve. I began to become more and more aware of my body and the cycles. For me, the biggest wake-up call was when I began to develop severely painful menstrual cycles. I went to the doctor and they confirmed I had fibroids (firm, compact tumors that are made of smooth muscle cells and fibrous connective tissue that develop in the uterus). I didn't receive much helpful advice other than to "Google Fibroids", so I took matters into my own hands. I researched and read all I could on the topic. From a friend's suggestion, I stumbled on the Woman Code book by Alisa Vitti. I found this to be a great starting point on the road to healing. From there I've found countless other resources with similar approaches of utilizing herbs and food as the foundation of healing one's body. 

I am still on my journey to feeling balanced and aligned and find it a daily commit to keep my body, mind, and spirit in this state. Here are some of my go-to morning rituals that have helped me greatly and I hope can help you. Please know we are all very different and in no way does this post replace professional medical advice, these are tools that have aided my journey.

  • First I start the day off with a big full body stretch in bed and make sure I take a few moments to center myself, plant my feet on the ground and get up in without haste, this is where it all begins.
  • I scrap my tongue with a copper cleaner, rinse my mouth and brush my teeth.
  • 15-20 drops of All Elements Apothecary Medusa's Moon Cycle: Balance & Regulation tincture (she has various tincture blends for a wide variety of ailments, or find a reliable company that makes Chasteberry tinctures) with a glass of room temperature water. One of the key ingredients is Chaste berry or Vitex berry which is proven to help treat many hormone-related gynecologic conditions.
  • I heat up some water for my Organic Raspberry Leaf tea from Traditional Medicinals (I purchase mine through Thrive Market). Not only do I enjoy the taste but it's also known as the Women's Herb helping with anything womb-related. 
  • I take some time to Journal and if not I use my planner to express ideas or intentions for the day. 
  • Then I eat breakfast, a brussel sprout hash is my usual filling option, topped with egg and sometimes avocado. For me as long as I eat something that is nourishing, full of protein and fat versus sugar first thing in the morning, it helps me maintain energy throughout the day.

All I can hope is that this helps you with your own healing journey, whether you've just begun or have been on this road for a lifetime just know that it is always evolving. Remember to always listen to your body, if something doesn't seem right go to the doctor and voice your concerns, you are VALID and so are your concerns.

Sending you so much love!


P.S. This is not a paid post, these products come from what I love and use!