Why crystals don't work. (It's not what you think)

I get this question almost every time I do an event: How do crystals work? Most people are waiting for the ultimate response about which chakra it connects with or what special ritual to perform to get a new job or how to change your life. My answer is always a surprise especially to my analytical folk that are looking to debate the obscure meanings many preach. My answer is they don't work. They do not possess this unattainable almighty power that moves mountains, shields its bearer or attracts only good. This answer comes as a shock. Instead, I invite them to understand their true power, their decisions, their intuition, I ask them to recognize that everything has energy. Whether you look at it scientifically or metaphysically, energy exists. Think about each and every one of us on Earth holding our very unique energy in which our environment affects, from the trees to the cars we drive. What we surround ourselves with begins to blend with our own. 

We then have a choice to surround ourselves in the environment that affects our lives. It can be a conscious decision or subconscious. This is not to say that changing the shift is easy or that we are to blame for this self-induced pain we can experience. What this means is that we do have control in making effective and lasting changing if we place our physical being in the proper environment to do so. Small changes each day. Small progress to push ourselves out of what seems to be out of our control towards the conscious decision of directing our lives the way we wish to see it unfold. 

Now each crystal and mineral have been associated with certain properties, some of which have been followed for thousands of years by various cultures around the world. This does not mean these properties are true to you nor should the ideas be easily dismissed. The most sage advice is to switch the focus away from the physical object and reflect on your own gut, listen and trust within yourself. Maybe there was a reason you gravitated towards that Rose Quartz, maybe it was the color, the texture or maybe it was the way it made you feel when you held it. Try not read too much into each article or piece of advice you receive and learn how to be your own guru. It is when we are truly quiet internally we receive the most valuable and meaningful information.

The spiritual world has become iconic in popular culture. Memes and funny shirts about finding peace and balance. Department stores selling Himiyalan Salt lamps, you can find sage smudges, singing bowls and crystals almost anywhere from every reach of the United States. But as this culture spreads it becomes dissolved, compartmentalized into another trend or fad that opens itself up to money making vultures. It loses value and translation. But do not mistake my apprehension in this growth as a defense to leave it for an exclusive group of highly enlighted beings because I do not condone that logic. It is just the opposite as I believe to my deepest core that I have a mission to spread the elements of Spirituality (unbiased to any particular religion) to the masses in an approachable and logical manner without losing the intergity. To act merely as a guide for those who want to ask but are afraid to while pointing them towards the doors if they wish to follow. 

And as much as I view myself as a Healer, one who holds space for others while they gather the tools for their journey, it is important to stress that we are our own Healers. In the beginning and the end, it is us we must remain with, it is ourselves that holds the answers to life's questions. 

Instead of placing so much power on an object, an element, another person or an idea return that power to yourself. I choose to surround my home with plants and thoughtfully placed crystals and rocks because it brings me joy. I do not deny this urge. I also enjoy a space with purpose and function. They can live in harmony with one another. My design is inspired by my intuition (I'll be writing more about intuition and how to discover your own in another post). I encourage you to find the truth within yourself. In a time where everything seems to be negative, I ask that we take charge of our personal space and create positivity, it is all we have.