What is Intuition and how we all can hone it


Intuition, you hear this word being thrown around a lot but what is it exactly? It is defined as the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning; a thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning. Yes, but what does that feel like? How do you access it?

Just like any skill in life, it must be refined, practiced, honed. And one must understand the basic sensation intuition brings forth in the body. It is so instinctive that we tend to skim over it without even noticing. Once we identify this feeling we can develop it to which it becomes second nature, it is our source for truth that is within ourselves.

Most of you have heard of the saying "trust your gut" and that is on track to identifying what intuition feels like, as it is an association of sensation to personal truth in the body. It’s important to note that this sensation will vary from person to person but once you notice it, it will become clear. And you will unlock the answers as begin your path of personal knowledge. 

The biggest mistake we can make is to overthink, allowing the mind to run wild with countless scenarios, unanswerable questions, and intense doubt. When we allow the mind (to run wild)  or to be solely in control we shut intuition off. The mind enjoys being in control, it doesn't want to make life easier, in fact, it can over-complicate decisions to the point of extreme anxiety. But when we realize the mind is merely a tool that we have complete control over we then can learn how to silence it and use it for the benefit of ourselves. The endless chatter and confusion become still and are no longer the forefront of control in our lives. 

A visualization to help center the mind: Close your eyes and imagine a path, a clear straight path. My path tends to be lit in a dark forest, it goes forward towards an unknown light source. Walk this path, feel the environment around you. What surrounds the path? What time of day is it? Is it dusk, is it twilight? Now what will happen next is normal, thoughts will appear. Did I turn the oven off? What am I going to make for lunch? I'm so tired. Blah, blah, blah. This is normal. Continue walking down the path, but take those thoughts you are getting bombarded with and materialize them. They are objects with density and weight that are trying obstruct you along your path, they are more of nuance, not a threat. Simply push them off to the side. They are not allowed to block you or be in your space, they do not disappear, they simply are moved out of the way, each thought, as it appears, is placed for later. I do this for several minutes each day to center the mind and gain control over my thoughts, as they are not who I am. 

Once you are centered, in whatever way you find best gets you there, ask yourself some simple questions: First, ask yourself to locate within yourself where yes comes from. When you feel certain or positive about a person, idea or place where do you feel this in the body? This is why it's important to have stillness of the mind so you may tune into your body to find the place of certainty. You'll need to sit and wait for an area of your body to signal, be patient. For me, this is a very distinct feeling of opening and peace on top of my head (or crown). It is a slight yet pleasant pressure that I identify as Yes. Do this several times to verify this within yourself. Remember there is no right or wrong way to feel, it all varies. Return to a grounded state. Ask to identify within yourself where no comes from. (This can also be negativity or uncertainty) This is a feeling within my chest, it feels stuck and static, it slowly runs through the center part of my ribs (Solar Plexus), it just doesn't feel right. Do this several times as well to validate your findings. Observe without judgment and with a lighthearted nature.

After you become familiar with your body and the signals it gives you be sure to practice asking yourself basic questions. Write it down. D o...N o t...T h i n k...just take note. Practice. It's important to note that this is a basic exercise to get you acquainted with intuition and should not be used as the ultimate way to make any decision, especially important ones. This is not a way to predict the future or give false advice, this is another tool along with others to help empower. Intuition is a way of being and some of us are more in touch with this ability than others. We are all connected to this at some point in time and it is our job to regain this unlimited power. 

Intuition is primal. It is meant to guide us just as the mind is meant to help us evolve, both tools to keep us alive. As much as thinking and logic have their place in our lives they can be as dangerous as we allow. If we rely solely on the mind as our power source it will lead us down a path of misery, confusion, anxiety, and depression. If we not present, either wallowing in the past mistakes or frantically planning out hypothetical scenarios of the future we pay the price in our happiness. Life is but a choice each moment at a time. As we become more advanced as a society we must stay rooted in what got us here in the first place. We regain control if we connect to the essence of who we. 

Much Love,



Akela Hudson-Miller