Where It All Began

Photography by Amanda Aceves 

Photography by Amanda Aceves 


The Artist

I've been obsessed with fabrics, textures and patterns since early childhood while growing up in a 2 bedroom flat in Brooklyn. I spent most of time cutting up my own clothing, pillow cases and any other scrap of fabric I could get my hands on (my Mom was not as amused) to create new designs. Home life for me was very humble and emphasis on design did not really exist but I found that my creativity increased while making the most of what I had. I was inspired from my city and it's art culture outside of home life.

After graduating high school in 2006 I was accepted into Moore College of Art in Design in Philadelphia. But not long after I left abruptly and fell into a deep depression neglecting my art as I regarded it as a distant past life.

Then in 2010 I took a road trip to California that would change my life. Soon after arriving back to NY, forces came together quickly and I took the opportunity to move to San Francisco with my best friend Courtney, also an artist. I was quickly thrashed back into reality as money woes and life reappeared. Once again depressed and overwhelmed by a new and big art culture; I felt like a small fish in an ocean of talented, well-educated and highly confident artists. So I took a break from art. While working as a server, I dipped my toes in many other ventures including, home organizing, massage therapy, Reiki healing, craft beer and eventually sign making. 

Sign making is where I learned patience. I had to understand construction and process and completion. During my time there I was also planning my wedding to the love of my life. This boosted my confidence to dive back into art once again. First I toyed around with graphic design then eventually made my way back to textiles, my first love. It all became clear. All of these skills I had learned that seemed to be separated dots, connected to the whole by becoming akela designs. My appreciation of line and simplicity, all inspired from nature.

the healer

My belief is that we are all intuitive beings but  it is only some that navigate this ability early on and remain connected. This is who I am. The capability to notice and feel others emotions, to receive intuitive feedback, and to have visualizations are all skills I still am honing. 

My greatest teacher was my eldest brother Benjamin, who is mentally and emotionally disabled. I connect with him on a soul level and his struggles growing up always hit me personally. My compassion and empathy I credit to Ben. My eyes began to study all people especially their emotions. Once I became a teenager my abilities once viewed as gifts became burden. My personal life from then until my early twenties created depression and anxiety.

As I began to heal myself with Western medicine, I sought alternative treatments for both emotional and physical. I began to connect again with my sensitive and intuitive nature through art, nature, journaling, Yoga and Reiki. Through healing myself I noticed that more people were drawn to me in helping them during their journeys. The Wounded Healer is the best teacher though their experience they can serve as a guide for others during times of great change and challenge by way of holding space. By using a combination of my Reiki 2 certification, grounding work and visualizations I seek to help others for spiritual guidance.   

The Style Consultant    

Decor is much more than trendy designs that come and go, it's a medium for self-expression, it's creating an environment to uplift, inspire, and ground. By taking these healing elements and incorporating them into mainstream decor I look to bridge the gap between design and healing in using my crafting, styling and curating skills towards shaping meaningful home goods: handcrafted or carefully sourced. Everyone should surround themselves with beauty with a purpose. I look forward to expanding this realm of practice with personal spaces whether it's home or office as well as events.